Listening to consumers is not just important today — it’s mission critical

Suzy harnesses the collective intelligence of millions of consumers worldwide to deliver real-time insights


Knowledge is Power

Suzy gives you direct access to the pulse of your consumer, in real time.


Get Promoted, Not Fired

With Suzy you will always have the firepower to validate your decisions and the confidence to justify your actions


Your Unfair Advantage

Leave no assumption untested, Suzy gives you superpowers that makes the invisible, visible. 


Launch Actions That Unlock Critical Insights

Suzy gives you an unprecedented direct line of communication to your customers. Instantly, on demand and in real time


Multiple Choice Surveys

A/B test creative, validate concepts, and eliminate assumptions


Open-Ended Questions

Solicit in-depth responses or unearth new ideas from consumers


Online Focus Groups


Ongoing, moderated discussions that let consumers & brand interactively discuss topics for period of time


Powered by Real Consumers

Connect and re-connect with our always-on super panel of more than 1 million consumers. With Suzy the voice of your consumer is just a click away.

Delivered At The Speed of Culture

Ask a question and begin receiving answers in real-time.  Our customers can expect 300 responses in under 60 minutes.


Hit The Bullseye, Every Time

Reach exactly the people you need with granular, custom targeting parameters. Suzy gives you the power to talk to the right people at the right time.


Keep Calm and Follow Up

Suzy is the only insights platform that lets you reconnect with responding consumers and keep the dialogue going.  So you can easily optimize and further validate anything, anytime, anywhere. 


Learn Why The Voice of Consumers is Mission Critical

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We've curated industry reports from some of the leading minds in marketing and innovation. Learn how these organizations are shaping the future in a "customer-first" world.


Case Studies

We help the world leading brands connect in real-time with consumers worldwide. Learn how our clients are using Suzy to unlock critical insights that drive growth.


White Papers

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