Yes, the customer is always right, but with Suzy, the customer is always on.

Get real-time insights the moment you need them..


Suzy is used by research and insights teams to supercharge their historical data with direct access to emerging consumer trends as they're beginning to take shape

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Key benefits


Live in the now

The speed of culture slows for no one, but Suzy is right there on its leading edge. With the voice of over one million consumers at your fingertips, Suzy connects you to real-time insights to chart a smarter course forward. No more looking into the rearview at dated research.

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Work faster

Business moves quickly. By the time you share your market research results, your insights could be irrelevant. Suzy lets you ask any question to your actual consumers and starts delivering responses instantly. Seize the moment with the ability to anticipate the trends that could soon become old news.


Instantly validate

Insights come from a variety of sources, just like the pressure you feel each day to turn them around quickly. With Suzy, you’re constantly connected to a network of over one million consumers to assist you in determining whether that insight is actionable or not.

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Do more with less

The speed of culture sends consumer insights into a perpetual state of flux. Suzy puts you in the driver’s seat with on-demand access to proprietary panels consisting of your actual customers for faster sprints to time-sensitive insights.


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Key features


Network of 1MM+

Connect with your target audience in real time using our on-demand proprietary panel of more than one million consumers.

Unparalleled speed

Ask a question and immediately begin receiving answers and actionable insights in minutes...not days.

Find your target

Hit the bullseye every time with granular, custom targeting parameters.


Ask follow-up questions and continue the conversation with the exact same consumer audience.


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Some of the companies using Suzy to eliminate assumptions, once and for all

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Make better, more informed decisions…faster.

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