Product Updates: 

Customized, Portable, & More Detailed Results


We’re always listening to your feedback, and we use it to optimize the Suzy platform. This product announcement is the first in an ongoing series to keep you updated on all our great new features as they roll out. If there’s a feature or functionality you’d love to have, let us know. Of all the emails we get, product requests are the most exciting, so keep them coming in.


On to the new product features!

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New Data Visualizations

Now you can choose to view your data as a bar graph or pie chart, whichever helps you tell your story better.

Sep-11-2018 11-52-47.gif

Customize and Save Visuals to Fit Your Brand

Now you can customize Suzy graphs and charts to fit your brand or template color scheme. We now offer a complete color palette to help you bring out your inner artist. And when you create custom color schemes you can save them to use again for future results.

Sep-11-2018 11-58-29.gif

Into the Future

The Suzy team will continue to build in-platform tools to better analyze, visualize, and share results to help you tell your story in the way you would like to tell it. Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your internal processes around generating, reporting, and sharing data.


Is there a feature you’d love to see on Suzy?
Let us know!