In the development cycle, every decision is critical.

Validate all of them with Suzy.


Suzy helps innovation and R&D teams validate critical business decisions so they can focus on creating the most compelling new products and services.

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Key benefits


Discover new markets

Suzy’s proprietary network of over one million connected consumers gives you an immediate look into untapped revenue-driving opportunities. Develop new products and services with complete confidence that there is a market eager to get a hold of your innovation.

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Reduce time to market

Suzy’s on-demand access to the voice of your consumer is your direct line into the critical insights that keep innovation teams agile throughout the entire development process. Compress your timeline and impress your customers with the features they need right now.


Do more with less

Suzy’s proprietary network lets you not only target by segment, but also re-target the same segment with insightful follow-up questions. This ensures continuity throughout the innovation process, and less time repeating costly steps in the development cycle.

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Too often, go/no-go decisions are made in a vacuum. Suzy connects your innovation team directly to its target consumer for real-time concept testing. Make sure your customers’ voices are heard and mitigate your risk at the same time.


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Key features


Network of 1MM+

Connect with your target audience in real time using our on-demand proprietary panel of more than one million consumers.

Unparalleled speed

Ask a question and immediately begin receiving answers and actionable insights in minutes...not days.

Find your target

Hit the bullseye every time with granular, custom targeting parameters.


Ask follow-up questions and continue the conversation with the exact same consumer audience.


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Some of the companies using Suzy to eliminate assumptions, once and for all

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Make better, more informed decisions…faster.

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