This bud's for you, or maybe not

On June 26th, Oklahoma joined thirty other states in legalizing medical marijuana. five days later, Massachusetts became the ninth state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The numbers speak for themselves: cannabis is well on its way to becoming legal nationwide. 

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A recent report from Deloitte suggests that beverages and edible forms of the herb will eventually make up the majority of retail pot sales. as such, beer companies must act quickly and stake their claim in the booming cannabis-infused beverage market. 

Pot may be the toast of the town, but are consumers ready to raise a glass to cannabis beer? 

We asked Suzy to find out

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The top two reasons that fueled their interest in trying cannabis-infused beer were its:

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When we asked those willing to give it a try it what the ideal setting was to enjoy a cannabis-infused beer, this is how they responded:

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and when asked who they would expect to see produce a cannabis-infused beer

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Suzy Says...

Mellow nights at home with friends, enjoying the mellowing effects of cannabis-infused beer, is the ideal drinking occasion. There’s clearly a market for cannabis beer, but despite their willingness to pay a premium for it, consumers aren’t comfortable drinking it on-premise...yet. 

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